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Privacy of Legal Advisors MSC is a privately held global shipping company founded in 1970 by Gianluigi We are looking for an experienced legal advisor for our MSC Geneva. Service Center GENERAL SUMMARYMSC is looking for an experienced legal advisor specialized in data protection. Within MSC`s Corporate Legal Data Protection team, Legal Counsel will provide corporate guidance that complies with regulatory requirements. By monitoring changes in local privacy laws and making recommendations for your technical skills, the other will test your soft skills. How do I apply? Insert the following legal gibberish somewhere on your resume. I hereby consent to the processing of my personal data contained in my Regulation (EU) 2016 679 of 27.04.2018 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 5 46 EC (Data Protection Directive). Guidepoint`s legal team plays an important and global role in all of our offices. This role falls under our Deputy General Counsel. This position is located in Athens, Greece. Supplier agreements, non-disclosure agreements, contract amendments and renewals, performance statements, data protection laws and experience in negotiating data processing agreementsExperience reviewing and negotiating its services, including telephone consultations, surveys, events and proprietary data information Council (Greece)? The role will work closely with the local Head of Legal Counsel PI Market, a specialist dedicated to the execution and implementation of the legal strategy. Review of court cases, complaints, etc.

In coordination advice and investment team Intrum for new portfolio acquisitions and generally all transactions led by the Greek investment team Support the lead legal advisor and the Intrum investment team in the follow-up LEGAL COUNSEL GREECE Your responsibilities include. Solve legal problems in the areas of property law, project-based work support and ad hoc legal case handling. Communication with external lawyers and the legal centre in Denmark Working with the local Ability to communicate and provide sound legal advice that balances business needs and legal risks Passion for solving legal problems of all kinds as a multi-faceted person. Within MSC`s Corporate Legal Data Protection team, Legal Counsel will provide guidance for business and operational functions to ensure they comply with applicable regulatory requirements. However, divorce is a complicated process and involves many complicated maneuvers. One of the steps in California is a last-ditch attempt to settle the issue. These efforts are known as the Mandatory Settlement Conference or CSM. No later than five days before the MSC, your lawyer and your spouse`s lawyer must “meet and deliberate”. You can do this by phone or in person. The purpose of this meeting is to allow any lawyer to identify existing problems and attempt to resolve them before the MSC. In the best-case scenario, all points can be resolved and a settlement agreement can be written to the CSM and both parties sign it. It is submitted to the judge and the judge may register it as a decision.

Even if not all problems are solved, it is important to have a written record of the problems resolved. It is important to meet with your lawyer to discuss your spouse`s settlement letter. The goal is to find out on which issues you still disagree and whether there is room for negotiation to reach an agreement. The conciliator will use the pleadings to find out what issues need to be resolved at the settlement conference. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES In this role, you will work closely with the legal/compliance, information technology and information security functions to develop and monitor policies and standards that apply to the company and comply with GDPR and data protection laws. The tasks are as follows: If this is the case, we are looking for legal counsel. to join our team in Greece! Protection authorities, etc. acting as data protection officer for the branch, which includes, inter alia: preparation of internal rules and procedures in the field of personal data protection and regular reporting to the Bank`s management, training of staff in the field of personal data protectionPreparation and coordination of correspondence with competent authorities in the field of personal data protection. the field of personal data junior) Python 3.x (Junior) Junior Software EngineerWrocławAbout big xytIn a world where the amount of data is exploding and new data sources are constantly emerging, it is becoming increasingly difficult to process data efficiently and in a truly relevant way. Big XYT develops and operates solutions to store and analyze large amounts of data, enabling customers to instantly transform data into insights and decisions.

O. For the purposes of the recruitment procedure in accordance with the law of 29. August 1997 on protection There is paperwork to be prepared, actions to be taken and decisions to be made before the MSC. Sufficient knowledge of information technology and data management systems is required. Diego studied maritime studies with a particular focus on maritime transport. He joined MSC in 1997, where he first trained as a junior engineer on board ships to gain first-hand technical experience, then expanded his maritime knowledge at MSC Ship Management in Sorrento. Credit counselling is designed to help individuals manage their money and debt As the name suggests, a mandatory settlement conference is not optional. Both parties and their respective lawyers must participate. Some judges will preside over the MSC themselves in a “chamber session,” while others will appoint another person to preside over the conference as a temporary conciliating judge, usually another family lawyer. With access to an integrated network of road, rail and marine transportation resources that spans the globe, the company prides itself on providing a global service with local knowledge. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to know more about my job Anaïs ” Our employees are the cornerstone of the company, they have commitment, passion and loyalty, which, in addition to unparalleled know-how, makes MSC a shipping company of people. » In-depth knowledge of the EU Data Protection Regulation and Greek Data Protection Law, as well as a good understanding of other major data protection frameworks and legislative developments worldwide.

At the MSC, both parties and their lawyers will meet with the conciliation judge to try to find a solution to any contentious issues. The conciliator does not have the power to make decisions. They are there to facilitate the meeting and work towards a solution.