Musica Legal Para Colocar Nos Stories

Released in 2018, the song “Into Your Arms,” a partnership between rapper Witt Lowry and pop singer Ava Max, has seen new success this year thanks to Tik Tok videos and Instagram stories. South Korean boy band NCT Dream`s viral song “Hot Sauce” went viral on Brazilian Instagram this year due to its engaging pace and fast pace. Music has been used as a soundtrack for various stories, such as people describing a funny situation or in cooking videos. When it was released in 2017, the song “Fica”, a collaboration between the duo ANAVITÓRIA and the duo Sertaneja Matheus and Kauã, became one of the most listened to in Brazil. To date, it is one of the most used landscape and travel videos on Instagram Stories. With this in mind, we have selected the best and most used songs that will be pumped into the social network`s stories this year. These are songs for travel stories, food, single stories, various activities, enchanting landscapes and much more. Examine! One of the most used songs in Instagram stories of all time, “Alive” by Brazilian DJ and producer Alok, is mainly used in nostalgic videos of coastal trips and parties. The Thai member of the K-pop group Blackpink, Lisa, released this track that conquered the whole world. With pompous lyrics and engaging rhythm, the music has become the perfect soundtrack for travel and exhibition videos.

One of the biggest hits of 2020, “Blinding Lights,” by singer and producer The Weeknd, remains one of the most popular songs for stories on Instagram and other social networks. Whether for videos accompanied by viral dance or for videos of evenings full of night lights. Indie rock band Glass Animals released “Heat Waves” in 2020, during the period of social isolation caused by the pandemic. This year, the song went viral on Instagram for its gentle beat, ideal for editing melodic videos and a touch of nostalgia. Thank goodness Henry and Julian and Favorite Scheme, DJ Ivis, are the most used in the first feature film. Congratulations, pabllo Vittar, also appears in the ranking to celebrate and wish a happy birthday to his friends and family. The catchy song “Maresia” is the perfect soundtrack for your videos on the beach. Music has been widely used in Instagram Stories and Reels as well as Tik Tok videos this year.

Singer Colbie Caillat released several folk-pop albums in the late 2000s and several of her old songs have attracted attention on social media in recent years. Including “I Do”, a perfect song as a soundtrack to cute stories of couples. The instrumental song “Sunset Lover” is one of the most used by Instagram users in their stories. The music has a calm rhythm and melodic sound, perfect for travel or thoughtful videos. The 2018 song “1,2,3”, Sofia Rey`s collaboration with Jason Derulo and De La Ghetto, went viral on several digital platforms this year. The song has mainly been used in transition videos in Instagram stories and Tik Tok videos. Discover the songs most used by Brazilians in Instagram stories and roles South Korean singer Zico released the song “Any Song” in 2020 and gained great recognition in different parts of the world. The song is used in various videos, such as cooking stories and videos of people doing other activities on their own. With an engaging beat and addictive lyrics, the song “Cooler Than Me”, released in 2010, has seen another hit on social media over the past couple of years. Music is used in many Instagram Stories videos and reels that show various activities and parties. The instrumental song “Perfect Day” by German electronic music producer Tundra Beats went viral on Instagram this year. Music is used to cook videos, travel or show activities at home.

Instagram offers its users the ability to add tons of audios and music to stories. With so many options, it`s hard to choose the perfect soundtrack for your videos. Perfect music to show glamorous travel moments, “First Class” by singer, rapper and producer Jack Harlow offers a catchy rhythm and will be the perfect soundtrack for your videos. The music video for the song also features singer Anitta as Harlow`s inspirational muse. It is the best mix of Brazil and the United States. “We want to give users the opportunity to express themselves through music on Instagram, whether it`s to share a feeling of love or to participate in a viral trend. We are always looking for new experiences related to this universe on the platform so that everyone can connect with each other,” says Luiz Eduardo Garcia, Partner Manager at Instagram and Facebook. Hitting not only on Instagram but also in Tik Tok videos, the song “Glimpse Of Us” contains a melodic instrumental that is perfect for exciting or cute videos like traveling or to show off your pet. With a classic house beat that envelops any lively environment, “Take You Back” is the perfect song to showcase the beauties of your travels.

It`s hard not to have experienced a travel story this year and not to have heard the house song “Dancing In The Moonlight” as the soundtrack. The music has a perfect atmosphere for videos of coastal parties and trips around Brazil and the world. The hit “The Sweet Escape” by singer Gwen Stefani in collaboration with rapper Akon was released in 2009 with great success and has received a new light through social media in recent years. Music is mainly used for videos of lonely people in different situations. “Seriously, what kind of place is this? This is paradise. This is the beginning of the audio that has gone viral in travelogues. Heavily used in several Instagram and TikTok videos, the audio won a remix that made it even more popular this year. “Let me introduce you / I just arrived / After listening to me / You will remember my name”. The beautiful lyrics of “Yellow, blue and white” by the duo ANAVITÓRIA have conquered Brazilian stories in videos of lonely people or show pride in their roots.

American singer Lizzo`s big hit “About Damn Time” is a perfect song to wrap her videos with the viral dance of the song on Instagram and Tik Tok. One of British singer Harry Styles` biggest hits, “As It Was,” contains lyrics that go beyond existentialism and contradict the super engaging beat. The song alone is used in several stories of people and has gone viral on many social networks. The song “Alive – It Feels Like” by DJ Alok is the most used in stories and the second most used in rells One of the most successful songs in Brazil in 2022 is “Acorda Pedrinho”, produced by the group Paraná Jovem Dionísio. The success on digital platforms has been huge and music has been used in different stories. From reports on funny situations to food videos. One of the biggest collaborations of 2017, “No Lie,” rapper Sean Paul`s partnership with pop singer Dua Lipa, had another hit this year. Music is used in various activity videos as well as while traveling. With an engaging and joyful melody, the song “Life is Rosy” has been used mostly in charming travel videos and in videos of users who waste charm.

One of the biggest hits of 2022, the song “Malvadão 3” by Brazilian singer Shamã has gone viral on social media, especially on Instagram, where it has been used in many travel and party videos. Estadão Conteúdoi Estadão Conteúdo – Alok`s “Alive” is the second most used song on Instagram “Influencing people`s lives through music is part of my dream and it`s amazing to see how it comes true with the help of Instagram. In a challenging time like the one we`re living in, we realize how transformative expressiveness he has and a connection to those we love,” the DJ said. The body percussion group Barbatuques has gone viral on social media in recent years with an old rendition of the song “Baianá”. The afro rhythm and lyrics praising Bahian culture have convinced Brazilians and are used in several videos of trips to Brazil, especially in the northeast. Check out this list of the most used music in Instagram Stories and Reels. A playlist with the hits of the moment pumped into the videos. Willow Smith`s song “Wait a Minute” was released in 2018 and has gone viral on Instagram and TikTok in recent years, along with several fantastic travel videos. A big hit by singer Paloma Faith in 2014, the song “Only Love Can Like This” was a new hit this year on platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram. The song has lyrics that tell a disappointment and are mainly used in videos to edit sad situations.