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Are you a student and want to know how the Kenyan legal system works? Then you`ve come to the right place. Nairobi Legal Insights aims to provide you with free legal education content for learning purposes and to give prospective law students in Kenya an idea of how the Kenyan legal system works. If you are a student considering joining law school, stay tuned by clicking the Subscribe button. “An incredible initiative from young lawyers: they will change the way law is practiced today.” We provide authors with an appropriate understanding of legal research. We offer free legal advice in labour, contract and copyright law. Law for non-lawyers. Access all our exclusive simplified legal content Our Youtube channel offers simplified Kenyan legal content in various areas of law. Updated monthly, it`s a free pool of legal knowledge! Rogers Githinji`s project aims to use technology to break down the barrier between people and lawyers. With legal information, individuals can comply with the law and protect themselves and their families. Background The Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Territory and Regional Planning in a special newspaper On 18 November 2020, in accordance with Legal Opinion No.

12 of the 2019 Finance Act, the Attorney General was appointed on 7 November 2020. “The entrepreneurial vision of these young leaders is very admirable.” Here`s what world leaders and our users are saying about us Introduction One of the development points of the president`s Big Four program is affordable Making the law accessible to ordinary people in a language they can understand. Introduction Government, through the recently enacted Trade Laws (Amendment) Act, Number 1 Need help? Can`t answer a question? Schedule a live session with one of our instructors for a more interactive experience! INTRODUCTION After reading the draft budget for the financial year 2018/19 para.