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Interlocking Block Machine

The Interlocking Block Machine In Action!

For the majority of the world, sun-dried dirt blocks and mortar form the walls and foundations of churches, health clinics, homes, orphanages, and schools. After spending many years in Ghana watching the tedious and expensive construction in areas with limited access to concrete and power tools, Arnold felt the call to develop a more precise and efficient method. The result is an interlocking block machine that produces blocks molded in such a way that they lock together without mortar reducing production costs and time.

A church in Ghana saved twenty percent using this machine to expand their sanctuary, so they decided to increase the square footage allowing them to accommodate larger numbers of people. A small team of men in Ghana constructed a 10,000 sq ft. health clinic in only four months. Thanks to this new method, a church congregation has enough space to gather together under one roof and a rural town has a sanitary environment to receive necessary medical care.

Even secluded villages have the resources – soil and water – to create safe and durable structures. If you are a part of a church, ministry, or missions organization and would like to use the block machine for missions in developing nations, contact PBM by going to the Contact Us page.

If you would like to donate to PBM, please go to the DONATE page. Your generosity will empower local leaders to build churches, health clinics, orphanages and other much needed structures.